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No more Twinkies? Hostess plans to shut down


New report says Oregon budget, tax collections would take hit from federal ‘fiscal cliff’ – A report released today said Oregon’s federal grants and state tax collections would be hit, mostly negatively, if automatic federal spending cuts and tax increases take effect as scheduled Jan. 1.

Facts You Should Know: 2012 Fact Sheet – State and Municipal Bankruptcy, Municipal Bonds, and State and Local Pensions

Bend sewer-line break points to troubles below – Underneath the streets of Bend, 480 miles of sewer system run through the ground. A recent discovery of a broken century-old sewer line prompted city officials on Thursday to point to problems lingering beneath the streets.

Phone company execs express mixed views on Portland mayor’s proposed tax on land-line providers – Executives from phone companies that would have to pay higher taxes to the city under the mayor’s proposal to raise up to $5 million in revenue for police reforms criticized the plan before the City Council Thursday.

Infrastructure Costs: Comparing Sustainable vs Conventional Solutions – Determining the most cost-effective approach to major infrastructure projects can be daunting in today’s changing world, particularly when considering the often complex long-term costs to society at large.

The Fiscal Cliff


Inside Portlandia


Outside Portlandia


Do Something

Clackamas County seeks member for Citizen Noise Advisory Committee – Citizens interested in serving as members of any of the advisory groups currently conducting recruitment are requested to complete the following application form.

Oregon Metro – Discover how you can shape investments in transportation and travel options that build great communities and support local goals, economic development and the environment.

 Corporate Ladder

The Next Workplace Revolution – More people are working from temporary work spaces, changing how we use offices.

Why you’ll be healthier if you take a break – Good news: It’s OK to take a break. It might even help your health.

9% of Workers Have Landed Their Childhood Dream Jobs [SURVEY] – Do you currently work in the job you dreamed of having as a kid? If so, that puts you in the lucky minority.

Millennials’ worst networking blunders to avoid – Here are some common mistakes to avoid, the next time you find yourself squinting at a scrawled nametag and awkwardly balancing a glass of $3 wine and a plate of Swedish meatballs in one hand

The Social Network

ICMA 2012 Digital Use Survey Results – High use of Smartphones; iPhones and Droids are reported by the highest percentages.

Google Maps Coming to the iPhone [REPORT] –  Google is prepping Google Maps for the iPhone, offering a fix for customers dissatisfied with Apple’s poorly receivedMaps app, according to a report.

Before Email: Postal History in 15 Photos – The Internet is a great way to gather news and information instantly. But before that what were the channels through which we could distribute and receive news?

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