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Keeping downtown Portland vibrant requires rethinking what it means to live, work in the central city, planners say – Here’s something to consider the next time you’re stuck in traffic in downtown Portland: If city planners succeed, that congestion won’t improve.

Paying for Streetlights, One at a Time – Two years ago in Colorado Springs, CO, a tax increase designed to fund essential services failed at the ballot.  As a result, a third of the streetlights were turned off, pools and bathrooms in parks were closed, garbage cans that no longer had anyone to empty them were removed from public places, and police and fire fighters removed from the payrolls.

Portland’s Startup Renaissance – People have come and gone from Portland, Ore., but in the past decade more have come and stayed. Today, Portland is seeing a startup renaissance, made more apparent by this month’s Portland Digital eXperience and XOXO Conference. The city has become a forum where people share ideas they hope could redefine the local economy in the next 5-10 years.


The Fiscal Cliff


Get Involved

ELGL Central Oregon Presents Brenda Bartlett, CPA – Thursday, October 25th, Redmond City Hall, Address:  716 SW Evergreen Ave, Time: Noon-1pm (bring lunch with you), Occupational Fraud – Is Your Government at Risk?

RSVP: Spend Your Halloween with Adam Davis, DHM Research – Please join us on October 31 for a conversation with Adam Davis, DHM Research at the Tualatin Library Community Room (18878 SW Martinazzi Avenue, Tualatin, OR 97062). To RSVP, send an email by October 29th to ELGL project coordinator, Megan Messmer – oregonelgl@gmail.com.

COMMUNITY INVITED UNSEEN::WORLD Art Show First Friday – November 2 City Walls at City Hall at Bend City Hall, 710 NW Wall Reception 5 – 8 pm. Meet the Artists 6 pm: Pam Jersey Bird, Helen Brisson, Ande Cardwell, David Kinker, Mary Marquiss and Eileen Carlton/Bend 2030 “A Creative Learning Culture”


The Workplace

Study: Bad news affects women more than men – When tragic news hits our 24-hour media cycle, women tend to be more affected than men, according to researchers at University of Montreal.

Are You Happy At Work? An online survey aims to gauge whether you’re spending the workday engaged in a labor of love or simply biding your time.

Hijack! How Your Brain Blocks Performance – So there you are, when suddenly you hear that song that reminds you of that person. And you’re emotionally hijacked—just like that. Good or bad, the song interacts with your neural net and triggers the emotions you have associated with it. Emotional hijacks happen every day, often unconsciously, often with debilitating results.

Forget Work-Life Balance: It’s Time for Work-Life Blend – Forbes – Last summer I had an early morning conference call with another consultant and one of his clients. As we were wrapping up, I asked the other two people from where they were calling.

Hey, Boss: Avoid a ‘Binders of Women’ Moment – Sure, there are generational differences in the workplace. But no manager wants to stick his foot in his mouth with a gender gaffe like Mitt Romney. Here’s how to avoid inadvertently acting like a sexist jerk.


The Social Network

 Did You Hear the One About the Marketer Who Didn’t Use Pinterest? Ok, I admit there’s no punch line to that query or maybe there is now that I think about it. The punch line would be ‘they were soon looking for another job.’

Be one of the first to get the new LinkedIn profile! Meet the new LinkedIn Profile. A better way to connect and build relationships.

7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts – For each viral post, I used the same strategies. If you want to see your blog posts get pinned hundreds, if not thousands, of times on Pinterest, consider these six tips.

How much do social media professionals make? A community of social media professionals called Jobs in Social Media wanted to find out. It spoke with recruiters and used online tools to track down some salaries, and the numbers look pretty competitive. The group sent out a press release outlining a few common job titles and their salaries.

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