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Los Gatos, other Bay Area cities under credit microscope – Los Gatos, which boasts a Rolls-Royce dealership, is among 30 California cities on the list for a possible credit downgrade from ratings agency Moody’s. So are Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, home to high-tech titans, and the East Bay’s tony Danville.

Fix The Fear Factor In Government Innovation – Fear of failure breeds failure. CIOs must help change this dynamic as private and public sector minds work together on unlocking government big data.

The Perils of Rust Belt Memes  – National coverage of ruin and revival gloss over deeper truths about these cities.

The Geography of Americans Who Work From Home – More of us than ever before are choosing to forgo formal offices. But some metro areas have seen bigger gains than others.

Troutdale mayor a rule-breaking bully, report says – The Troutdale City Council released a report Wednesday that portrays Mayor Jim Kight as a petty tyrant who bullies and manipulates city workers to get his way, including obtaining permits to turn what he initially called a shed into a 2,032-square-foot structure that looks a lot like a house.

JPACT sticks with funding formula for additional $38 million in transportation funds – Sticking with a September plea for spending money on “jobs, jobs, jobs,” the region’s transportation purse string holders approved a multi-million dollar funding package Thursday, rebuffing last-ditch efforts to change an already-approved formula.

Eugene@150: The shaping of a city – Near the confluence of two rivers, a quirky, contentious community grew up. Imagine a lake. Let’s call it Lake Eugene. If we are what “Northwest Best Places” once called “an odd mix of cultured urbanites, back-country loggers.

The Fiscal Cliff

Big ol man baby


Outside Portlandia


Get Involved


City of Gresham Volunteer Opportunities – The City Council appoints residents to committees and boards to advise the Council on certain decisions and policy matters.

County Boards Vacancy Announcement – The following boards currently are seeking applicants to fill membership vacancies.

Volunteer – As a Metro volunteer, you will be directly involved in improving and protecting the region’s great places for people, wildlife and future generations. Share your energy and ideas and make your own unique contribution.

Milwaukie Hosts Candidates Forum October 29, 2012 – Milwaukie Hosts Candidates Forum for City & County Races.

West Linn-Wilsonville School District seeks applicants for budget committee vacancy – The West Linn-Wilsonville School District is seeking a volunteer to fill a vacant position on its budget committee.


The Workplace


11 Books Every Young Leader Must Read – Recently, I wrote that leaders should be readers. Reading has a host of benefits for those who wish to occupy positions of leadership and develop into more relaxed, empathetic, and well-rounded people. One of the most common follow-up questions was, “Ok, so what should I read?”

To Find an Honest Person, Assess Guilt-Proneness – Is there a way to predict who is more likely to lie, cheat, steal or be a louse generally? Try assessing guilt proneness.

Vital Signs Chart: 3.5 Unemployed for Every Job Opening – The competition for job openings has become less intense. The number of job seekers per opening was 3.52 in August, down from 3.56 in July and 4.42 in August of 2011. For almost three years now, the U.S. has added private-sector jobs. At the same time, many discouraged workers have left the workforce, meaning less competition for those still seeking jobs.

70 Percent Of Your Colleagues Are Looking For A New Job – Frequent job hoppers cost companies a lot of time and money and a new study reveals that almost everyone is actively looking for a job nowadays.

The Social Network


What’s a Facebook Follower Worth? As Businesses Build Marketing Programs Around the Social Network, Some Balk at Paying a Fee to Promote Their Posts.

The 10 Types of Social Media Addicts [INFOGRAPHIC] – Social media addiction: a disease likely affecting millions, but one that’s hard to track because it comes in many forms. The afflicted may reveal themselves as serial likers. They may have push notifications set for the most minor of social media updates. They may self-identify as “mavens,” “gurus” or “ninjas.”

An open letter to social media managers about Facebook frustrations – You’ve spent all this time building your communities, working out which content works best, and generally prescribing to the principle that Facebook is a social network, not an advertising platform.

Social Is the Secret Weapon in Local Politics – Social media first took the national spotlight in the 2008 elections, and it continues to expand its influence at every level of American politics. And just as a youthful John F. Kennedy benefited from his grasp of television in the 1960 elections, a new generation of local politicians is using its tactical advantage as digital natives to woo the electorate and launch open government initiatives.

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