09.26.12 Your Morning Buzz

 Burger King Japan’s ‘Premium Kuro Burger’ Officially Makes Black Buns A Trend



How California Legislated Its Way to Smarter Growth  – A landmark 2008 land use law has led to more sustainable communities.

Silicon Forest Baseball Wager Penalizes Oregon City: Muni Credit – Hillsboro, Oregon’s fifth-biggest city, is staking its credit rating on a plan to build a $15.2 million stadium for a minor-league baseball team. Similar efforts in Washington state and New Jersey ended in downgrades.

A Recovering Economy Won’t Include Federal Workers – The federal government could lose more than one-tenth of its workers over the next decade.

Is Portland Really Where Young People Go to Retire? Inspired by this same joke, a study released last week (PDF) by Portland State University’s Jason Jurjevich and Greg Schrock examines Portland’s ability to attract young, college-educated people, which the authors dub “YCEs.” The study tracks these trends over the past three decades, paying special attention to 2000 to 2010.

Survey Explores Effectiveness of Local Governments using Social Media to Promote Transparency – More local governments now have a “face” thanks to social media. Once citizens connect with a humanized local government, are there any risks or barriers to this engagement?

CITY FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Issues warrant management attention – The attached report contains the results of our audit of financial transactions at the City of Portland.

Inside Portlandia


Outside Portlandia

Get Involved

A Conversation with Jefferson Smith –  Our third meeting for the busy month of September will be with Jefferson Smith – City of Portland Mayoral Candidate. This event will take place on September 28th at noon. Our meeting will be brown bag so please feel free to bring your lunch.

Clackamas County Commissioners Forum – Meet the candidates and hear their responses to our questions. Mary’s Woods is sponsoring forums for Lake Oswego candidates in the auditorium from 7:00 to 8:00pm. The first is on September 19.  The candidates for the Mayor of Lake Oswego will speak. The next is on October 10.  The Lake Oswego City Council Candidates will be there, so you can have a chance to meet and chat with them.  It is for the residents but it is hoped that the public will also attend.

Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce to host mayoral candidates debate – Candidates Nick Wilson and John L. Cook will air their positions on business and the economy as well as mayoral goals at Broadway Rose Theatre around 7 p.m.

October 3 Open House for Scholls Ferry Road Project – The public is invited to stop by any time between 5 and 7 p.m. to learn more about the project’s proposed design.

The Workplace

Namaste! 5 Hot Leadership Lessons From The Moksha Yoga Studio – While I do realize that one is supposed to be thought-free while practicing yoga–moksha, after all, is Sanskrit for release–as a business owner and writer, I couldn’t help but notice how my commitment to hot yoga impacted my day-to-day life and my business. Here are some of the parallels.

3 Ways to Kick off Your New Job the Right Way – Starting a new job is tough, no matter how you slice it. For me, the hardest part was figuring out how to implant myself, feel comfortable, and fit into my new culture—while (of course) still trying to impress everyone along the way.

Thinking Fast Can Mean Doing Good – Is it better to act intuitively or after lots of consideration? The question has had a lot of attention in recent years.

10 words and phrases that shouldn’t be on your résumé – Lauren Taylor, human resources generalist with Burns & McDonnell, has reviewed countless résumés. She used that experience to create a list of 10 words and phrases to keep off of your résumé. If you see any of these on your document, steer clear.

Stand Out in Your Interview – You’ve just landed a job interview for a position you really want. Congratulations. Now, you know you only get one chance to impress, but how exactly do you do that? Given all of the conflicting advice out there and the changing rules of getting a job, it’s no wonder that job seekers are confused about how to best prepare for and perform in an interview.

The Social Network

5 writing tips from popular Twitter memes – Our focus today is on how we as writers can best use established Twitter memes for connection, engagement, and, yes, the dreaded P-word: promotion. Using these hashtags in your tweets make them (ergo, you) more searchable and visible.

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