Golf Clap for Clackamas County Administrators

ELGL’s inaugural county visit was a resounding success due to the valuable insight from our panelists – Steve Wheeler (County Administrator), Laurel Butman (Deputy County Administrator), and Nancy Newton (Deputy County Administrator).

So what did we learn today?

  • Collaborate or Perish! by William Bratton is a recommended read.
  • Our panelist enjoy Duke track, Hungarian dancing, and gardening.
  • Volunteer opportunities exist on a number of Clackamas County boards and commissions.
  • King City and Clackamas County are more similar than we thought.
  • Be prepared to add input especially when your boss is droning on about a mind numbing topic.
  • Readers are better writers.
  • Small expressions of gratitude can go a long way.
  • Lewis & Clark, Willamette University, Jesuit High School, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Tennessee Volunteers, Ohio State University, Washington State University, Oregon Ducks, Oregon State, and “the green team” are a few of the football teams favored by ELGL members.
  • Rosalynn Greene, Erin Tokos, Megan Messmer and Karen Pearson are great event planners.
  • Finally, we hope no one touched the screen pictured above.

And now for some action pictures from the event: