Using Social Media to Recruit Gen-Y Workers

by Dan Schawbel

Recruiters, who want to attract Gen-Y job seekers need to use social networks, and use them in the right way. This target demographic not only uses social networks to keep in touch with friends, but to manage their own careers. A recent Jobvite studyshows that 92 percent of employers are using or planning to use social networks for recruiting this year. This is up by 3 percent from 2011 and 14 percent from five years ago. Some 93 percent of recruiters are using LinkedIn, two-thirds are using Facebook, and 54 percent are using Twitter. 71 percent of recruiters consider themselves moderate to exceptional at using the tools to find candidates, yet only 52 percent consider their recruiting programs to be “somewhat successful.”

Here are some tips on how to use social networks to recruit top Gen Y talent.

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