Job Posting: Graduate Management Fellowship Program

Graduate Management Fellowship Progam

City of Huntington Beach, CA

The City of Huntington Beach Management Fellowship Program offers paid fellowships for limited duration (up to 18 months) assigned to the office of the City Manager.

This is an opportunity to work in the public sector and reap the rewards of access to a wide-range of municipal public sector service opportunities. The program is designed to attract and develop talented individuals with an interest in management careers in local government. The program gives participants the opportunity to engage in the efforts of city government working to resolve current issues of interest to the community and the local governing body.

Assignments and Opportunities:

  • Work on a variety of assignments and projects impacting the Huntington Beach community
  • Gain exposure to City of Huntington Beach governing practices and operational procedures
  • Participate in the governing process via City Council and auxiliary meetings
  • Provide direct service to the City of Huntington Beach community
  • Use research and writing skills in preparing data and reports and in recommending alternative options for administrative consideration
  • Work directly with residents and city staff on service delivery to the public

Program Requirements:

Graduate Management Fellowship participants will be classified as “graduate interns.” Applicants who have recently completed a Masters Degree in Public Administration (or a related major) or those currently enrolled in a graduate-level program with an emphasis in Public Administration (or a related major), will be considered for appointment.

Please apply via the City of Huntington Beach website (Part-Time Jobs Available) and follow the application procedures:

Attach the following required items to your application:

  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation/reference
  • An essay (not to exceed 500 words):  What you expect to contribute to the City of Huntington Beach as a Graduate Management Fellowship participant.