Job Posting: City of Damascus

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

City of Damascus, OR

The City of Damascus is seeking a creative and innovative Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Entrepreneurial minded, the successful candidate is energized by a challenge and utilizes a range of public involvement and marketing strategies to effectively communicate the City’s goals and initiatives. A natural story-teller, the Director values honesty, integrity and consistent messaging. The preferred candidate understands humility but is matter of fact in all communication.

An excellent communicator, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations develops messages that are easily understood by the general public. The successful candidate maintains confidences, handles sensitive information with ease and effectively utilizes public opinion research techniques to gather information. The ideal candidate facilitates public meetings in a challenging environment and quickly determines the information needed to explain complex policies in support of the City’s external communication strategy. A natural relationship builder that believes in fostering mutual respect, the Director easily develops trust and rapport with citizens.

An energetic leader, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations maintains momentum and remains active and involved in all aspects of the organization. With a collaborative mindset, the successful candidate supports a culture and spirit of participation and team involvement. The Director enjoys consulting and partners with colleagues to implement effective communication strategies.