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ELGL Willamette Valley Meeting – ELGL Willamette Valley would like to announce this month’s meeting scheduled for the 16th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. The City of Veneta will be hosting and Ric Ingham, City Administrator for the past 8.5 years, will be presenting on Urban Renewal and the City of Veneta’s experiences.

ELGL Central Oregon Event: Transforming Government – Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale and Lieutenant Chris Carney will discuss how government can no longer afford to operate in status quo mode.  They will use the Bend Police Departments current transformation as an example of how the lack of funding and ever increasing costs are forcing these changes.

ELGL Forum with Charlie Hales, Portland Mayoral Candidate – Please join us on Thursday, September 13 at noon for an ELGL forum with Charlie Hales, Portland mayoral candidate.  The forum will be held in Portland, exact location TBA. Special thanks to Robbie Rice for scheduling the forum.

Vote: Sales Tax in Oregon? Do you support a statewide sales tax for education in Oregon?


Measuring Minds – Smartphone Rage Prompts New Research Tactics – The accelerating switch from landline to mobile phones is undermining the ability of traditional telephone surveys to capture accurate reflections of many target groups, from young shoppers to likely voters.

In Oregon, Residents Struggle to Solve a Pesticide Mystery – Herbicide has become a crucial tool for the state’s $13 billion timber industry. But in spite of precautions, lab results suggest that harmful chemicals are find ing their way into residents’ bloodstreams.

Towns for Sale – News items pop up regularly about entire towns and villages going up for sale. In April, Buford, Wyo., sold to a Vietnamese buyer for $900,000. The same month, a couple bought the tiny town of Wauconda, Wash., for $360,000. In May, the French “ghost village” of Courbefy sold to an American photographer for about $643,000.



The 4 Best Tips for Using a Job Board – Your resume—no matter how amazing—is just one of thousands virtually submitted in the job portal, also known as, “the black hole.”

1 Thing New Hires Can Do that Others Can’t – New hires can see a bright orange extension cord in plain sight.

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Why millennials should handle your social media – Here are five reasons a 23-year-old should run your social media.

10 Ways to Communicate Better at Work – Yet so many of us haven’t been trained in how to communicate with co-workers and clients. Here are some tips to help you become a better communicator.

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