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RSVP: ELGL Forum with Sean Robbins, Greater Portland Inc. – Please join us on Wednesday, August 1 at noon for an ELGL forum with Sean Robbins, Greater Portland Inc. The forum will be held in the  West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers – 22500 Salamo Road.

RSVP: ELGL Forum with Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods – The event will be held at Bob’s Red Mill corporate headquarters in Milwaukie (13521 SE Pheasant Ct., Milwaukie, OR  97222) on August 8th. Please note, this is a different location than the store. The event will begin at 11:45 am and last until 1pm. For those who are able to stay longer, a tour of the Bob’s Red Mill facility will begin at 1pm.

Salem-Keizer Transit is creating a Citizen Advisory Committee – Applications are currently being accepted through Friday, Aug. 31.


For Montreal, Memories of the Olympics Boondoggle Remain – The 1976 games were largely considered a financial disaster. Can their legacy finally right itself?

Bankrupt San Bernardino must cut spending by a third – Widespread layoffs or pay reductions for city workers are expected. The city is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection

Mayor of Pacific misses clerk’s termination hearing, discharges half of police force – Nearly half the members of the City of Pacific’s police force have hearings today to challenge their firings by Mayor Cy Sun, a day after the city clerk had a similar hearing scheduled and filed for wrongful termination.


Why You Need to Have Fun to Be Successful – Ron Culberson spent the first part of his professional career working in a large hospice organization as a clinical social worker, manager, and senior leader.

Innovate Or Become Irrelevant – “Social enterprising and engineering give us the ability to innovate using many minds instantly, as opposed to using a few highly versed experts with unavoidable biases tied to the old way of doing business.

6 Quick Tips for Transforming a Summer Job Into a Full-Time Gig – If you took a summer job to make a little extra cash but figured once fall began you’d be done with it, consider this: That summer job just might be your ticket to full-time work.

A Silence Hangs Over Gay CEOs – If it is becoming more acceptable to be gay in corporate life, why do so many senior executives keep their sexuality a secret?

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What Kinds of Facebook Posts Generate the Most Engagement? When discussing Facebook, “Engagement” is a very popular term, as it’s how we measure the success of a post.  The more activity and interaction a post has the more successful it is for the business.

7 Reasons Every Government Agency Needs a Social Media Policy – The popularity of social media across many different demographic groups has allowed for an unprecedented level of openness and connectedness, which also provides substantial opportunities for “good government.”

Rethinking the press release: How to reach larger audiences – By now it’s no secret that content is the cornerstone of today’s communications campaigns. Interesting content fuels social media discussion, provides important fodder for search engines, and serves an integral part of automated and inbound marketing campaigns.

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