A No Decision in Camas

No city administrator pick for Camas, Wash.

by Sally Ho, The Oregonian

In the search for a city administrator, the city of Camas, Wash. has decided against either finalist candidates, including Hillsboro’s former high-ranking official Erik Jensen.

Jensen interviewed for the job last week. He was laid off as Hillsboro’s administration department director earlier this year, three days after returning to work from heart surgery.

Jensen had been with the city for 14 years and was making $153,711 with benefits at the time he left. Jensen said his actual salary was $113,000 without benefits.

The Camas job would have come with a salary between $113,000 and $135,000 to help manage the city of about 20,000 people.

The other finalist was Craig Martin, city manager in Sweet Home.

In a statement, Camas Mayor Scott Higgins said neither of the candidates were the right fit and that the current administrator will continue in the job until the spring. The city expects to find a replacement in early 2013.