07.17.12 The Morning Buzz

Stephen Covey, ‘7 Habits’ author, dies at 79



RSVP: ELGL Happy New (Fiscal) Year Social – Celebrate the start of FY 2013 and the recipient of the “Knope of the Year” award.

ELGL Eugene Meeting Update – Your invited to attend the ELGL-Eugene luncheon meeting to be held Thursday, July 19th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. hosted by Lane County.

Wanted: Oregonians who are passionate about public involvement – Metro is seeking volunteers to serve on the regional government’s new Public Engagement Review Committee. The committee will meet twice a year and serve as a key component of Metro’s ongoing efforts to develop and implement successful public engagement processes.

City looking for people to write statements on community center for voter’s guide – Sammamish is looking for local residents willing to help craft the pro and con statements that will likely appear on the voter guide distributed in advance of the November ballot.

Welcome to the City of Spokane’s 2013 Budget Survey – As we work to develop the budget for the coming year, we want to know what’s important to you.


How Urban Parks Enhance Your Brain – A break from the bustle of the city can do your mind good, recent research shows.

Your Ad Here, on a Fire Truck? Broke Cities Sell Naming Rights –  Should this city’s red fire trucks be transformed into rolling billboards?

Why hire a certified planner? Mayors, city managers, and other top officials know that certified planners bring extra value to their employers and the communities they serve. Read our Q&A with executives who know first-hand the benefits of hiring a planner with the AICP credential.

Small towns find ways to raise funds – Nearly 25 miles of city roadway stretches through Orting in the shadow of Mount Rainier. The East Pierce County city is responsible for maintaining it, but officials say they can’t afford to stay on top of chip-sealing and other repairs.

Damascus City Council: Residents support urban growth vote, councilors force recess during heated meeting – During a meeting that lasted nearly three tense hours on Monday, the Damascus City Council heard resident views on a potential urban growth boundary withdrawal, discussed recently passed Measure 3-389 and again rejected Mayor Steve Spinnett’s appointments to the city’s Planning Commission.


The Five Hallmarks of Highly Respected Achievers – I’ve been working on a research project for a few weeks that involves identifying the characteristics that describe highly driven, achievement-oriented people who are also among the most well-respected in any organization. The intersection between drive and respect is an important one, because we all know people who are highly driven but think nothing of running others over along the way. And, we know examples of people who are respected but stagnant.

Your mean boss could be insecure – Ever had your ideas shot down as soon as they’re floated? This may be why.

High Hurdles – Even after decades of progress, women in Washington say they have to work harder than men to get ahead. In their view, job opportunities are not equal.

Seize the Summer: Tips from our Job Search Expert – Here are top five tips for seizing the summertime job search.

Get noticed and get promoted – Once upon a time, you climbed the corporate ladder, rung by rung, through working hard and earning your supervisor’s favor. In today’s leaner companies, though, it’s a lot tougher to get those steps up.

How to Manage Your Smartest, Strangest Employee – There is a brilliant and highly accomplished engineer in my company who has managed to break the coffee machine, the toaster and so many other appliances in the company kitchen that we’re considering giving his trail of broken appliances their own line item in the budget. Apparently making toast is more challenging than the complex algorithms he works with every day. Such is often the case with the uber-talented… with genius comes quirkiness. The same personality traits that make them brilliant can also make them quirky and sometimes disruptive.

Performance Appraisals Are Dead, Long Live Performance Management – Performance appraisals are one of the most frequently criticized talent management practices. The criticisms range from their being an enormous waste of time to their having a destructive impact on the relationship between managers and their subordinates.

You Can’t Do Your Job if You Don’t Sleep – The first morning I met Kevin Crain, a Managing Director at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, he was feeling tired, as he did most days.

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