What’s Your Social Media Presence?

Time for a Midyear Checkup of Your Social Media Presence

You may not just be missing out if you’re not using social media — you could be damaging your career.

By Joshua Waldman

If you’re one of those mid-level managers secure in your position who hasn’t wanted to take the time to learn about social media, you’re not just missing out — you could be damaging your career in the long run.

Recently I was training a group of mid-level finance executives on how to use LinkedIn in Portland. When I got to the part about sending out frequent status updates to their network, one CFO nearly fell out of his chair. “There’s too much risk!” he exclaimed. This seems to be a sentiment shared by many at his level of leadership. And it’s to their own disadvantage. After speaking with many executives, it’s clear to me that the ones who are flexible and adopt social media have greater career success, and the organizations they work for flourish.

Elle Kaplan is the CEO of a boutique private bank. She decided, after much debate, to launch a presence for herself on social media sites. She now posts about banking issues on Twitter and on her company’s Facebook page; she also has subscribers to her personal Facebook page. Kaplan says the positives “vastly outweigh the negatives” and that the exposure gives her and her business much more credibility.

What might have looked like a risky proposition just a few years ago has now become one of the most common methods for career networking, advancement and hiring. LinkedIn’s membership has grown from two million in 2004 to over 135 million in 2011. Social media provide a wealth of opportunities for management-level employees who are willing to adapt.

Consider these three reasons not to ignore social media:

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