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Talkin’ About My Generation with ELGL-Eugene – Please find the attached announcement regarding the upcoming lunch seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 21 in Springfield. Special thanks to Judy Williams at Lane County for putting the agenda together and Jeff Towery at Springfield for agreeing to host us next month.

ELGL Social Hour at OCCMA Conference – Learn more about ELGL and how our membership is redefining the future of local government in Oregon!

Settin’ the Table – You are invited to take a seat at Oregon’s Kitchen Table – an experiment to connect all Oregonians to real decisions in Salem.

Jefferson Smith or Charlie Hales? Which Portland mayoral candidate should ELGL invite to speak at an upcoming forum?


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Americans Want More City Planning – According to an American Planning Association poll, Americans want sidewalks, transit, and locally owned businesses.

Can Bloomberg’s $9 Million Mayors Challenge Really Make a Difference? At least one massively successful city innovation, 311, suggests it can.

Counties use smart phone technology – County governments are creating new ways to use mobile applications to deliver information and service to residents. From Florida to California, county officials are using smart phone technology to keep residents informed on everything from weather to taxes, according to the National Association of Counties (NACo).


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How to Get Senior Leaders to Change – Most senior executives understand and generally buy into the famous aphorism, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Prompted by HR professionals or consultants, they often commit themselves to “being the change” by personally role-modeling the desired behaviors. And then, in practice, nothing significant changes.

4 Leadership Messages Your Talent Needs to Hear – Worried about a leadership shortage? Gazing at a thin management pipeline? Wondering how to get the most out of the talent you have?

6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity and Improve Your Organizational Skills – Here are six time management tips by Brian Tracy that you can use to improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these tools you learn to use, the more that you will get done each day.

10 Good Ways to “Tell Me About Yourself – You know it’s coming. It’s the most feared question during any job interview: Do you think I would look good in a cowboy hat?Just kidding. The real question is: Can you tell me about yourself?

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