City Administrator Leaves North Bend


City administrator leaves North Bend

May 23, 2012

By Michele Mihalovich

The Prince of Darkness is now Friday Harbor’s problem. Duncan Wilson, North Bend city administrator, attended his final City Council meeting May 15. Wilson received the evil moniker soon after he started with the city on Nov. 1, 2006 — the Day of the Dead.

He told the Star that just five days after he started his new job, North Bend experienced massive flooding.

“We had to open the Emergency Operations Center for the first time in years,” Wilson said. “It was my first week and we were dealing with trapped citizens, significant property damage and impassable roadways. Five weeks later, we had massive wind storms that took down transmission lines throughout Western Washington.

“Most of North Bend was without power for six days,” he added. “We had to get emergency generators. We had to move elderly residents out of retirement homes to beds at the hospital. Communications were sketchy and cell service was lost. We opened the EOC again … the second time in six weeks.”

Wilson said that when he showed up at the next council meeting, Councilman Jonathan Rosen had taped the “Prince of Darkness” moniker on the back of his nameplate.

“It has been there for five years. Privately, he begged for me to spare the citizens of North Bend from further destruction,” Wilson said.

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