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RSVP for ELGL Conversation with Gov. Gregoire

The Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Network would like to extend an invitation to the ELGL Conversation with Governor Christine Gregoire. Space will be limited for this event to 100 people, and we anticipate that we may reach capacity (ELGL currently has more than 300 members).  PSU President Wim Wiewel will also be attending this forum.

Governor Gregoire will speak with us on May 18 at noon in the Willamette Falls room at University Place (310 SW Lincoln). There will be a $4 charge to reserve a seat at the Conversation; a PayPal request will be sent to you once you RSVP to oregonelgl@gmail.com.  Please note that your RSVP is not considered complete until your PayPal request is processed.

Those attending the ELGL forum with Barbara Baker, Umpqua Bank VP of Cultural Enhancement on May 17 will be given preference for the Gregoire lunch. You can RSVP for these events by sending an email to oregonelgl@gmail.com.

Please submit any questions for Governor Gregoire using this online form.


Our ancestors had tails

Politics of Place: Wounded by recession, Central Oregon looks for leaders to speed recovery – Republicans dominate the region, where voters balk at taxes to support environmental protections.

How does Salem compare to other state capitals? – Salem might be one of a kind, but it’s also one of 50. Capital cities, by and large, have the reputation of being slow-paced communities. Public employees toil in complexes of state offices.

The Truth Behind 20-Somethings’ Misery – When it comes to 20-somethings and money, everyone seems to have a different opinion.

Unpaid interns get feeling they’re being used – Confronting the worst job market in decades, many college graduates who expected to land paid jobs are turning to unpaid internships to try to get a foot in an employer’s door.


Best Burger In Town !

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship – Across the country, thousands of college students are preparing to start summer internships, which are a crucial way to get experience before graduation. But simply having an internship isn’t enough; you also need to impress your employer, form solid relationships with your co-workers, and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

3 Tips for Recharging a Stalled Career – Have you ever found yourself at a dead end road? What did you do when this occurred—did you simply give up on your journey and return home? Of course you didn’t. You turned around and searched for a road to lead you back to where wanted to go.

Management Tip: Know When to Give Up on Your Goals.

Checking In with Employees (Versus Checking Up) – Recently we wrote about how managing for innovation requires balancing four critical factors to produce a highly motivated and creative workforce. Perhaps the most difficult of those balancing acts is ensuring that employees have clear, meaningful goals as well as considerable autonomy (PDF) in meeting those goals. It’s not easy, but some companies have pulled it off — sometimes, rather ingeniously.

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"That's what," she said.

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You are Slower than a Herd of Turtles Stampeding through peanut butter - Haha!

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