Job Posting: Policy and Budget Analyst

Policy and Budget Analyst

State of Oregon, Department of Administrative Services

The Department of Administrative Services (“DAS”) is the central administrative agency that leads state government to implement the policy and budget decisions of the Governor and Oregon Legislature. Employing an enterprise-wide perspective, DAS serves state government by developing and upholding accountability standards to ensure productive and efficient use of state government’s financial, human and information resources.

DAS provides a stable management infrastructure and essential business services including technology, financial, procurement, publishing/distribution, human resources, and facility asset management. These services support and enable state and local government agencies to carry out their missions, benefiting all Oregonians.

To accomplish its mission, DAS partners with private enterprise, citizens, customer service boards and other governmental entities to ensure efficient and effective delivery of government services. The office of the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”), a central component of DAS, unites statewide solutions through team leadership. The COO office coordinates work teams and initiatives that cross jurisdictional and agency boundaries with a goal of achieving trans-formative, long-term change and developing an agile organization that is able to meet current and future challenges.