05.03.12 The Afternoon Delight




City of Springfield – Please join us as we celebrate all the successes of the past year that have resulted from the City of Springfield’s partnership with the Sustainable City Year program at the University of Oregon.  The End-of-Year Celebration will be held Friday, May 18thfrom 4:30-6:30 pm at the LEED-certified Royal Caribbean facility at 1000 Royal Caribbean Way in Springfield. Email jtowery@springfield-or.gov with questions.

Hillsboro Parks and Recreation – City holding information session for the public to learn more and provide input on the city’s opportunity to build a professional baseball stadium – 6 pm May 7 at parks admin office (4400 NW 229th Ave).


How the Internet Is Redefining Urban Space – A new publication explores the troubling implications of our networked world.

Cloud computing: Legal standards up in the air – Cloud computing in the US is a ‘Wild West’ of legal standards. Do federal or local laws apply to cloud computing data? Can law enforcement access your data without your knowledge?

Sustainable Practices Create Disaster Resiliency in Portland, Ore. – Many residents in Portland, Ore., may be prepared for a disaster — and they haven’t even thought about it. As the city’s residents enlist sustainable practices, from biking to participating in community gardens, they are making themselves and their neighborhoods more disaster resilient.

America’s New Queen of Municipal Embezzlement – According to feds, the former Dixon, Illinois, comptroller spent much of the $53 million she’s accused of stealing on horses with names like “Packin’ Jewels” and “Have Faith in Money.”

Salem tax compression worse than Oregon average – Since 2008, the city of Salem lost almost $1.5 million due to property tax limitations adopted in 1990. Last year the city lost more than $600,000 representing a 50 percent increase over the revenue lost in 2010 due to something called “property tax compression.”

One City’s Comeback from the Fiscal Brink – What happened in Junction City, Kan., looked like just another of the municipal financial nightmares popping up all around us these days. As in Stockton, Calif.Pontiac, Mich., and hundreds of other communities across America, in 2010 the citizens of Junction City found themselves in a deep and ugly financial hole.


Nine Rules Women Must Follow to Get Ahead – Many companies can point to a woman high enough on the food chain to show naysayers that anyone can make it up the ranks of power.

Overcome Your Work Addiction – Consider the following: Works long hours. Carries wireless device everywhere. On the phone at kid’s soccer game. Checks in frequently over vacation. Does this describe your life?

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