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Inaugural Meeting of ELGL-Eugene – Topic: Introduction to Emerging Local Government Leaders; Wednesday, May 2nd; 11:30 – 12:30, Café Yumm! RSVP to oregonelgl@gmail.com.

Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project: Get Involved – The City of Portland Noise Review Board will hold a public hearing, Wednesday May 9, at 6 p.m., regarding TriMet’s application for a construction noise variance for the portion of the project in southeast Portland.



Fire response times to increase in Salem – The city’s plans to close two fire stations will return the Salem Fire Department to 2004 service levels and cause response times on the highest priority calls to miss the mark about 34 percent of the time.

New Faces Will Lead Metro Into The Future – Three of Metro’s six district councilors are on their way out. Newcomers will soon fill those seats. As Rob Manning reports, some think the election comes at a crossroads for the Metro regional government.

‘No Time for Ugliness’: A 1965 Case for Better Cities – Even 47 years ago, American architects saw the perils of sprawl and car-oriented development.

Baby Boomer Handouts Hamper Savings – Baby boomers appear to be sacrificing their own retirements for the sake of their children, according to a study.

Regional Planning Done Right – Given the all-too-apparent weaknesses of our local governments’ crazy-quilt legal structure, some metro areas – or parts of metro areas – are coming together voluntarily in issue-specific collaborations to get things done.

County axes $5.3 million from budget – Less projected revenue forces layoffs, supply and service cuts.



What strategy do I need to get up at the high end of the salary range? How to talk money at an interview with a nonprofit.

New Ideas in Onboarding Thought Leadership – Forbes – The most important new ideas coming out of last week’s Conference Board Onboarding Lab include 1) Deploying a systemic integrated approach to onboarding, 2) Personalizing onboarding efforts and 3) Not leading until you’ve earned the right to lead.

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Twitter Announces Improved ‘Discover’ Tab – Twitter is rolling out several improvements to its ‘Discover’ tab, the company announced Tuesday.

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