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Volunteer for an ICMA Member Committee by May 11 – Give your time and talent to an ICMA Committee or Task Force. ICMA is launching five new opportunities, in addition to ongoing member committees.

Distinguished Service Award and Honorary Membership Nominations Due April 23 – At its June meeting, the ICMA Executive Board will consider nominations for ICMA’s Distinguished Service Award and Honorary Membership.


How to NOT Follow Up After a Job Interview– Angry e-mail? Check. Thank-you messages read from scripts? Check. Here’s a rogues’ gallery of what else not to do.

Does Birth Order Affect Financial Responsibility? – While studies have long shown the role that birth order plays in a person’s personality, new research suggests it also helps shape individuals’ financial makeup.


Citizens Academies and Developing Community Capital – Citizens academies are educational programs conducted by cities and counties aiming to create better informed and engaged citizens. These programs involve ordinary citizens participating in several (between six and twelve) sessions taught by local government officials on the wide range of local government services and operations.

If You Want a Successful Social Media Strategy, Listen Up –  Now, I truly witness the full scope of social media’s power-and realize the fundamental misunderstanding that causes so many companies to struggle with it.

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