Thank You to Ron Holifield & SGR

Strategic Government Resources CEO Ron Holifield presented to the Emerging Local Government Leaders Network at today’s luncheon.  Many thanks to Ron for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk about recruitment strategies and the best ways to format resumes and cover letters.   Some highlights from the luncheon for ELGL members who could not attend:

  • Develop your skills by focusing on process improvement
  • Never underestimate the power of strong communications skills
  • Experience with citizen engagement processes is becoming increasingly more important
  • Learn to manage the recruitment process so you are an ideal applicant
  • Make your resume/cover letter stand out and indicate that you’re the only one for the job
  • Assume that your resume gets a 45-second first review
  • Pay attention to the small details that may indicate your fit for a job
  • There is great value in finding a career mentor

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Again, many thanks to Ron for not just talking the talk – but walking the walk – when it comes to helping the next generation of local government leaders!