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2012 Nominations | Pivotal Leaders – Nominations are open for the 2012 Pivotal Leaders list – do you know a NW cleantech exec that’s leading the pack?

Beaverton City Council candidates to participate in public debate– Mark Fagin and Rob Solomon are running for Position 3 of the Beaverton City Council.

ODOT seeks public’s ideas on Hwy. 99 corridor – Meetings this week will be held “drop-in style,” meaning members of the public can come at anytime during the stated session times. The two sessions will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, at Phoenix Elementary School, 215 N. Rose St., and during the same time slot on Thursday, April 5, at Talent Middle School, 102 Christian Ave.


What Reviewers Want to See in a Resume

Does Your Job Keep You Up at Night? – I take my job to bed with me; I can’t help it. There are days when my lack of sleep makes it tough to concentrate in the day.

Management Tip: Mentees, Make Listening Your First Priority.

Three Steps to Generating Social Gravity – How can you shift from push to pull and create your own social gravity? With three basic steps: Purpose provides the Why; Platforms the What; and Partners the How.

What’s the fastest way to get fired? – What’s worse: taking company information or having sex with one of your employees?


City of Chicago, Cook County and The State of Illinois Create First of its’ Kind Combined Website to Better Serve Citizens

Cornelius struggles to engage Latino residents – With a population that is 51 percent Latino, the city government attempts to reach out to an increasingly diversified public.

Why Users Hate Most Websites, and How They Can Get Better – As Anil Dash pointed out this weekend, arguments about the ethics and functionality of save-for-later apps like Instapaper and Readability have reached the same fever pitch as Blogger-vs.-WordPress-vs.-Tumblr had a few years ago. It’s a matter of passion and honor (and namecalling) for industry leaders, but users just go on using the apps they like.

The Elusiveness of Police Accountability – If Trayvon Martin had been shot by an officer, his killing wouldn’t have sparked a national outcry. Why it’s so hard to hold officers accountable for excessive force.

Is the Retro Ballpark Movement Officially Over? 20 years since Camden Yards opened in Baltimore, a look back on the stadium design that’s emerged since.

Better Leadership Through Social Media – Most executives don’t want yet another platform to deal with. They aren’t looking at it the right way.

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