City of Tacoma 2011 Performance Management Report

City of Tacoma Performance Reporting for Citizens

The City of Tacoma’s 2011 Performance Management Report to Citizens is now available online. The report includes statistics on Tacoma’s performance over the last five years in selected categories, measuring the efforts the City is making towards meeting the Council’s three strategic goals. The document is a model for using performance management to communicate with citizens.

The purpose of the Performance Management Report to Citizens is to provide an overview of the measures and efforts underway that mark how the City of Tacoma is meeting the three strategic goals of the Tacoma City Council:

I.  A safe, clean and attractive community
II.  A diverse, productive and sustainable economy
III.   high-performing, open and engaged government

The performance indicators reflect how Tacoma compares to itself on selected measures over time. Also, they show how Tacoma compares to other cities across the country who also submit measurement data to the International City/County Managerment Association (ICMA) database.