Info Request: Youth and City Boards

A few months ago many of you responded to my request for alternate board member information, and it was very helpful in our formulation of the program.  Milwaukie is now considering adding student representatives to its City boards, commissions and committees. We currently have one student on the Public Safety Advisory Council as a non-voting member, however, we do not have a formal program that appoints students nor do we have a Youth Advisory Council as do some cities.  The LOC site has a lot of information on the latter, but I’m curious to know if other cities have a system for youth involvement with their boards and committees.

I’m interested in knowing:

  • Lead time from inception to implementation.
  • Was there education and work done in advance with the school district and/or PTA’s?
  • Did anyone talk with students to see if there was an interest?
  • Has your Council found it beneficial to them, to the students and to the community at large?
  • Did students remain engaged and fulfill their terms and commitments?
  • Anything else that you think would be helpful….

Please send responses to:

Teri Bankhead

City of Milwaukie Assistant to the City Manager