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Citizen Advisory Group Application | City of West Linn Oregon Official Website – Get Involved! Citizen Advisory Groups inform the City Council on issues of importance to our community.


The Scourge of 1970s-Era Office Towers

There’s a particular flavor of 1970s-era office tower that’s starting to feel its age. Your city probably has at least one. Stuck in between the perceived coolness of early 20th century facades and the newness of all-glass towers, these buildings are having a hard time retaining existing tenants, let alone attracting new ones.

What would a government built for entrepreneurs look like? Here’s a new framework for competitiveness: What if the law were biased, not toward the oil and gas industry or the cotton farmers, but to the creative, the self-employed, and the entrepreneurs?

Why In-Town Big Box Stores Might Not Be As Awful As You Think – There’s evidence the presence of a big box store in the city center helps reduce the amount most people drive.

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