More ELGL Survey Results

The Emerging Local Government Leaders recently completed a survey of its members to gauge interest in a variety of topics.  The survey summary and results were included in an earlier blog post.  Recently, ELGL Research Assistant Matthew Bailin completed an analysis of the qualitative responses received on the survey.  This information will further inform ELGL leadership as it makes decisions about the future of ELGL:

What topics would you like to learn about at future ELGL events?

  • Numerous people indicated that they would like to learn more about the best ways to perform essential duties related to their work (e.g. optimal decision making, “best practices”, the value of professional credentials, the pros and cons of long-run urban renewal, and so on)
  • Many also expressed an interest in learning how to manage conflicts and disagreements in the workplace. This included wanting to hear more about how to address negative attitudes towards local government, as well as how to build interpersonal skills in management and networking.

Which ELGL communications tools are most useful? Why?

  • By far, “e-mail” was listed as the most useful tool for communication, since it’s easy to use and read through.
  • Another useful tool was the website itself, thanks to all of the updates and historic information it provides.

Which ELGL communications tools are least useful? Why?

  • Almost all of the respondents claimed that Google+ was the least useful tool. Many saw Google+ as a social networking website that they should keep separate from their work.
  • Linkedin was also unpopular as it has too much information that isn’t easily organized.

What should ELGL do in the coming year to assure your continued involvement?

  • The good news: most people said that ELGL was already doing a good job and should “keep up the good work”.
  • Others would like to see more regularly scheduled events, as well as more perspective/involvement with some of the more local city managers.

Anything else we should know about your preferences for ELGL’s future in Oregon?

  • Again, many people are already happy with the ELGL and want to see it continue to grow in the direction it’s moving.
  • A few people felt that it could be beneficial if ELGL would expand out even farther into the small Oregon cities.