Job Posting: Finance Director, Oregon City

Job Posting: Oregon City Finance Director

The ideal candidate will be an experienced, achievement-oriented, proven professional. The individual will be a CPA and a technical expert who recognizes the importance of being methodical with numbers and time. This position provides service and information to the City Commission, City Manager, other departments and the public.

Customer service will be important both internally and externally. At times the Director will have to enforce rules, and say “no.” At the same time, the individual will strive to find other, legal and permissible ways to achieve the same end. He/she will serve as a principle advisor to the City Commission and the City Manager. The individual will have outstanding presentational and communications skills and will be comfortable making presentations to high powered executives while also being able to communicate effectively with people of little or no education. The ideal candidate will be someone who is responsible, sets high standards, and hold his/her staff accountable. The Finance Director will be serious about the work but also be a people person and have a good sense of humor. The individual will recognize potential and act as a mentor bringing out the best in all of the Department’s employees.