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Voters Urged to Drop Off Ballots Early

Washington County elections officials are encouraging voters to drop ballots off as soon as possible for the January 31 election so that all ballots are processed in a timely manner.

City of Gresham : City : Birds in Gresham

Join us 7 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall. Metro naturalist James Davis will teach a raptor ID class about hawks, eagles and falcons. Learn how to tell these groups of raptors apart and the key points for identifying the most common species in Oregon.

Deschutes Co. Administrator Finalists Named

Deschutes County announced Monday the seven candidates who will interview for the county administrator position later this week and will meet with the public Thursday evening.

Clackamas County Transportation System Plan

Clackamas County residents, property owners and others interested are invited to attend one of three public workshops planned throughout the County in late January/early February.

Forum Luncheon

I hope those of you in Corvallis, and nearby, can join me at the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce Forum Luncheon on Wednesday, Feb 08. More information and registration at the link provided.



‘Rank and Yank’ Still Liked by Some

Forced ranking—rigorous employee rankings that reward top performers—seems to have fallen out of favor, but champions of the controversial system remain.

How to Be Happy at Work

If you’re unhappy at work–or anywhere else, for that matter–it’s because you’ve made yourself unhappy. There’s an easy way to change that.

Virtuous cycle: 10 lessons from the world’s great biking cities

Recently, I won a fellowship and got to spend six months living life on two wheels in the world’s most bike-friendly cities. I brought home 10 lessons for us here in the States

Create a Meaningful Life Through Meaningful Work

So here are three questions to ask about yourself about what you’re spending your life doing.

Retaining Employees: Is it About Better Pay or Better Culture?

Some scoff at the idea, but after the years of fear, anxiety and overwork post-recession, a good company culture in which employees feel valued, appreciated and able to contribute to meaningful work is more important than salary level.


Employees of the federal government and the private sector differ in ways that can affect compensation. Federal workers tend to be older, more educated, and more concentrated in professional occupations than private-sector workers.

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