Support the Northwest Autism Foundation

ELGL will be making a donation to the Northwest Autism Foundation as part of our continuing efforts to thank ELGL speakers for their time and effort. Blazers COO Sarah Mensah has chosen the Northwest Autism Foundation as her charity of choice. Please take a minute to check out this wonderful organization which is near and dear to Sarah’s heart.

Northwest Autism Foundation

Our mission at the Northwest Autism Foundation is to improve the lives of those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders through the mobilization of resources and by championing innovative solutions.

The original goal of NWAF was to “provide education, resources and information to parents, family, friends, caregivers and professionals treating children on the autism spectrum on a donation only basis.” Shortly after its inception, NWAF expanded its goals to include facilitating early diagnosis and effective treatment for individuals with ASD.

Most recently, we have adopted a Lifespan Framework to help conceptualize and direct our ongoing efforts.