01.05.12 The Morning Buzz

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TODAY: Rob Cornilles Highlights ELGL Forum – RSVP to oregonelgl@gmail.com

Republican congressional candidate Rob Cornilles has been working overtime to portray himself as a bipartisan figure in the special election race for the 1st Congressional District — where a Republican hasn’t won since 1972. In an appearance Wednesday before The Oregonian’s editorial board, Cornilles pursued that theme by handing out frequent plaudits to Oregon’s senior senator, Democrat Ron Wyden.

In the Spotlight

A Fight for Post Offices and Towns’ Souls

It sat there perfectly content for years, a little community on a crooked mountain road in the southern Ozarks. Then one day they closed the post office. Now Mozart is a place on the road where only those who knew it was there would know it was there. The same thing happened withNewnataRushing and Cozahome.

Online Resources for Community Building and Public Participation

We’ve been keeping our eye on “Community Engagement“, a LinkedIn group that encompasses discussion on community building, education, public participation, participative democracy and working in partnership. One of the most popular ongoing discussions has revealed some of the group members’ go-to websites for community engagement in terms of urban planning, support for citizen dialogue, and innovation.

The 23 Best Countries for Work-Life Balance (We Are Number 23)

What constitutes a balance between work and life? The OECD settled on three chief variables: (1) The share of the labor force that works extreme hours; (2) leisure time; and (3) employment rates for women who have children. The United States, which leads most of the world in share of mothers who are working, lagged in leisure time and share of overworked employees.

Around the Northwest

Portland would eliminate major road paving for five years under proposed budget

The Portland Bureau of Transportation, preparing to cut $16 million from its upcoming budget, will stop major repaving projects for the next five years under a new draft budget.

Damascus City Council votes to support ecology grants, mobile food programs

The Damascus City Council on Tuesday voted to create a Community Ecology Grant Program and to support local organizations that deliver food to Damascus residents — both without the support of Mayor Steve Spinnett based on concern over government involvement in the expenditure of taxpayer money.

Ellensburg City Council sworn in, Tabb remains mayor

Bruce Tabb was selected to serve another two-year term as Ellensburg mayor during an Ellensburg City Council meeting Tuesday.

Sherwood looks to extend urban renewal tax district

Sherwood could face a situation of writing checks it can’t cash if a plan to increase the city’s borrowing limit by nearly $10 million isn’t approved, affecting a number of projects that are already in motion.

Former Appeals Court Judge Ellen Rosenblum will seek Oregon attorney general job

In her 36-year legal career, Ellen Rosenblum has prosecuted foreign corporations on steel-dumping charges, overseen murder trials in Multnomah County and challenged fellow judges on the state’s Court of Appeals in deciding cases.

Portland prepares for fight with insurance company over $1.5 million in legal costs, including James Chasse case

The city of Portland is prepared to sue its former insurance company for unrecovered legal defense costs of about $1.5 million tied to nine cases, including the high-profile wrongful death suit filed by the family of James Chasse.

New Puyallup council begins new year with likely different agenda

The new Puyallup City Council marked its first meeting of 2012 by taking a fresh look at an issue that the previous council slapped down: giving citizens the power to enact laws and repeal ones they oppose.

Poling: Piercy’s actions denouncing an Occupy Eugene demonstration at his home were “too little, too late”

City Councilor George Poling is not only angry with Occupy Eugene protesters who recently twice visited his house — he’s upset with Mayor Kitty Piercy.

Wilsonville skateboarders hope for city council approval on long-awaited skate park site

A trio of ramps inWilsonville’s Memorial Park just isn’t cutting it for Ryan Shinn and his skateboarding buddies.

Beaverton auto sales drive city economy

While Portland planners are often accused of overlooking the needs of car owners in favor of transit riders, bicyclists and pedestrians, Beaverton officials are embracing automobiles as part of their efforts to revitalize their city.

Missed bus inspires winning transportation video

In an effort to get the public to help solve transportation problems as the city updates its Transportation System Plan, city officials launched a video contest asking the question: “What do you like and what annoys you about traveling in Tualatin?”

Tigard street fees see final increase

After more than two years of debates and gradual growth, the city’s street maintenance fee increased this week, in the final phase of what has been a gradual, three-year fee raise.