12.20.11 The Morning Buzz



Take the ELGL Member Survey

If you have not done so already, please spend a few minutes and take a brief (20-question) online survey about the future of the Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Network. Results from the survey will be shared in January. The survey link is below:


What began as a small networking luncheon group has grown to a 210-member organization.  The brief online survey inquires about your preferences for the group, and aims to learn more about how ELGL can continue to be a professional resource to you.  Your feedback on this survey will directly impact the future of this growing and evolving organization.

5 Most Surprising Findings From the 2011 Census

The U.S. Census always provides fascinating data about the state of our country. But the numbers that have been trickling out of the 2010 Census this year show marked shifts, triggered largely by three factors: the Great Recession, an increase in immigration, and a rapidly aging population.



The Congressional “Supercommittee” was supposed to come up with recommendations to help reduce our projected deficits but it failed miserably. (If you don’t know what the “Supercommittee” is, don’t feel bad – most Americans weren’t aware of its existence.)

Once American voters understand, we’ll be able to pressure Congress to finally act. Please take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the Fiscal IQ Quiz, and encourage your friends, family and others to do the same . Together, we can fix our country’s finances and keep America great.


In the Headlines

The New York Times – Cuts for the Already Retired


The Columbian – Vancouver approves utility rate hikes


Seattle Times – Seattle City Council bans plastic shopping bags


San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco is 2 cities, separate and unequal


Vegas Inc. – How monorail’s fate might have been different


I'm assuming Facebook will let Santa know what I want for Christmas.