12/11/11 – Sunday Sermon

After Tsunami, a Mayor Plants Seeds of Renewal – Wall Street Journal

When the disaster hit, Mr. Toba had been forced to choose between searching for his missing wife or fulfilling his duties as mayor to lead rescue work for survivors. Setting aside his personal life, he plunged into emergency recovery efforts—and then later, rebuilding.


To Rethink Government, Start Close to Home – New York Times

GOVERNMENT gets no respect.

Some of the antipathy may stem from fancy economic theories that say free markets magically render government unnecessary. But much more of it surely results from the annoying experiences that many Americans have had in government offices.


FC Middleton play commemorative season for coach who died of a stroke.

On July 27, team founder and head coach Eric Middleton died of complications from a stroke. He had just turned 49 three weeks before he died.

He also did this amidst a busy schedule. A graduate of Cal State Northridge and later of the University of Southern California, Middleton worked as a senior partner at Alliance Resource Consulting, an executive search company in Long Beach.


Exchange between Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury: Road rage and bike sharing – The Oregonian

A surprisingly testy exchange last week between Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury got me thinking about two significant disconnects.

As we wade deeper into the recession, there seems to be no capping the gusher of money “available” for light rail extensions, streetcars, river crossings, Washington County arterials and bike-sharing programs.

And even as major transportation quagmires taunt us — the Interstate 5/Interstate 84 snafu, anyone? — we continue to spend money on projects that are increasingly hard to justify.

My sadness at your leaving the company is tempered by my excitement at taking your chair and computer speakers.