Washington County is Seeking Five Interns for an Aloha-Reedville Project

Washington County Long-Range Planning and Leland Consulting are seeking up to five temporary interns to conduct a housing and neighborhood conditions survey for the Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan.


Interns will be hired as temporary employees of Leland Consulting, and will conduct a physical survey of up to 100 residences (homes, condos, apartments) in the Aloha-Reedville community in Washington County. The Aloha-Reedville area is a largely unincorporated urban area located between the cities of Beaverton and Hillsboro. Survey data will be incorporated into the existing conditions assessment and housing needs analysis being completed for the Aloha-Reedville area as part of a three-year planning process for the community.

Interns will be required to travel to several separate survey sites  and complete a short sidewalk survey for selected properties in the survey areas. The surveyor will assess physical condition of residential buildings, as well as assessing some additional elements that contribute to neighborhood quality and stability. Assessments are expected to take 5-10 minutes per property. This is a visual survey of physical conditions— surveyors will not be expected to ask residents questions. Each intern will conduct surveys at 4-8 different survey sites, completing about 100 individual taxlot surveys Field work is expected to take approximately 3 full days/24 hours per intern. Hours are flexible, but surveys will need to be completed on a short turn-around. Survey sites will not be contiguous. Public transit is available on most primary streets of the planning area and much of the study area is accessible by bicycle—however, some sections will be difficult to access without a vehicle. Interns will also enter survey data into Survey Monkey, either in the field (using personal smartphones or laptops), or by entering data online from paper surveys.

Interns will receive a short training on the survey and process prior to beginning field work, and will also participate in a short post-survey debrief. The training will be conducted in-person, either in Hillsboro or Portland, depending on available meeting space. Post-survey debriefing may take place in person, or via telephone or email. Interns must provide their own equipment, including smartphones/laptops/internet access. Survey site maps and survey forms will be provided.

Interns will be paid $15 per hour as temporary employees of Leland Consulting. Leland Consulting will manage payroll, taxes, workers comp and liability for the duration of employment. Travel reimbursement is not included.

*How to Apply*

This recruitment is open to current and recent students (undergraduate and graduate), as well as any other interest parties. Basic knowledge of urban planning is helpful but not required.

Applicants should send a brief cover letter describing their interest along with a one-page resume toalohareedville@co.washington.or.us. Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 2. Applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible, and work will begin immediately following selection.

Questions may be directed to alohareedville@co.washington.or.us.